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The Aeris Story   As a brand, we believe people who brave extreme temperatures are admirable. We look up to them for their conviction and work ethic. We also understand that it takes a certain mindset to be willing and able to work in such conditions, and the types of people who ARE willing to do this want to be associated with our brand. They know we understand and appreciate who they are at their core.  AERIS owners work and play in the real world. They also work and play in a real COLD world. There are a lot of companies that have laid claim to the idea of keeping humans warm in the extreme cold. So, the question has to be:  WHY IS AERIS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE TO KEEP YOU WARM?  The answer: Aeris is the only product on the market that allows the human body to take care of itself. It’s the only cold weather outfit on the market that allows you to regulate your body temperature, even in the most extreme conditions. The Aeris family of products replace the HOPE of warmth with a complete confidence of warmth—a person wearing Aeris KNOWS he’ll be warm.  It’s simple, really. We’ve applied the power of science to the age-old reality of cold weather. We just do it better than anyone else. Order now to start experiencing all the benefits of the Aeris system today!
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